Even if you step on the second-ranked Dodgers 100 wins, you miss the district championship


The LA Dodgers have stepped on the “100 wins notice” of the season. However, the probability of winning the district is not very high.

The Dodgers won 3-0 in an away game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2021 Major League Baseball at Chase Field on the 27th (Korea Standard Time). With the victory, the Dodgers avenged their defeat the previous day and achieved their 100th win (56 losses) of the season.

The Dodgers’ Julio Urias, who took the mound as a starting pitcher, harvested his 19th win (3 losses) of the season with five hits, one walk, three strikeouts and no runs in five innings. In the batting line, Cory Seager shot two home runs and became the hero of the victory.

However, the Dodgers are in a situation where they cannot be just happy. Even after winning 100 games this season, he remains in second place in the western part of the National League. With six games left in the regular season, the gap with the leading San Francisco Giants is two games wide. San Francisco also maintained the gap with the Dodgers with a 6-2 victory over the Colorado Rockies on the 27th. Looking at the trend of San Francisco, which has won three consecutive games, the Dodgers’ reversal is not easy.

The Dodgers are also burdened with playing in the postseason as a wild card. The St. Louis Cardinals, ranked second in the central division of the National League, are virtually on the verge of confirming second place in the wild card with only one win left before advancing to the postseason. The uncomfortable part for the Dodgers is St. Louis’ high march. Currently, St. Louis has set a new record for the most consecutive wins in the club with 16 consecutive wins. The power of autumn zombies is being revealed intact. St. Louis also had no backing down with two wins and two losses in its recent showdown with the Dodgers 파워볼사이트

Since the introduction of the wild card system in 1995, the teams that have won more than 100 games but missed the district championship include the Oakland Athletics (102 wins and 60 losses) in 2001 and the New York Yankees (100 wins and 62 losses) in 2018. Will the Dodgers be the third team to suffer bad luck? Attention is being paid to the ear.

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