Son Heung-min

107 goals and 64 assists, but Son Heung-min is still not a world class player.

Son Heung-min

Premier League expert Darren Ambrose evaluated Son Heung-min as not a world class player. The same was true for the reason why there were no rumors of a re-signing with Tottenham and transferring to the top European class team.

Ambrose, who played for Crystal Palace and Newcastle United when he was a player, appeared on “Talk Sports” in England and said, “Son Heung-min loves Tottenham. “He looks happy playing for Tottenham, and he has achieved a great season,” he said.

Son Heung-min has been rumored to renew his contract since December last year. It was expected to sign a large renewal contract before Christmas, but it has been temporarily postponed due to the new coronavirus. Rumors of a contract renewal agreement were reported day after day after the end of the 2020-21 season, and as expected by experts with local media, they returned from vacation and signed a long-term contract until 2025.

After joining the club in 2015, he signed a 10-year contract and is practically a “total lifetime.” However, “BBC” commentator Danny Murphy and others criticized Tottenham for renewing their long-term contracts, saying, “I am an ambitious player who chose money over trophy.”

Ambrose also said, “That’s right. There were many opinions. Some soccer fans questioned Son Heung-min’s “I am happy to renew my contract as a Tottenham fan. I think so, too. Of course, I don’t know if Son Heung-min’s renewal will persuade Harry Kane to stay,” he said in a positive response.

However, it was a cold response to the World Class debate that heated up the first half of last season. “Why was there no strong transfer rumor with Europe’s top club?” It is a top class, but it was not a world class, so I judged that it was because it was not a world class 안전놀이터

Ambrose said, “I wonder why there were no clubs in Europe that wanted to recruit Son Heung-min. Last season, there was a debate that Son Heung-min was a world class player. Son Heung-min had a moment when he showed his world class performance, but if you ask me that it is a world class, I will say no. “Of course, Kane and his key players are right at Tottenham.

Son Heung-min scores double-digit goals every season. Tottenham have scored 107 goals and 64 assists in 280 games so far. Former coach Jose Mourinho said, “If Son Heung-min is not a world class, who is a world class?” but England was harsh. Except for the PFA Team of the Year, most of the media downplayed the player in the first half.

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