Drunk dance after drinking with Ha Jiwon and Shin Dongyeop


Actor Ha Ji-won performed a drunken dance with Shin Dong-yeop after a drunk broadcast.

On the 18th, Shin Dong-yeop’s YouTube channel “Cheerful Brother Shin Dong-yeop” was updated with a video titled “Third Cheers, Ha Ji-won’s Oppa~ How far did we talk?”

In the video, Ha Ji-won drank a high ball and asked, “I want to add more one-shot,” and said, “I don’t like sweet drinks.”

Ha Ji-won told Shin Dong-yeop, “I farmed with my aunt, and I made pickles by trimming them with onions that my aunt raised.”

Ha Ji-won then gave it as a gift, saying, “It’s a plum extract that’s over 10 years old,” and Shin Dong-yeop put his nose in a bottle and said, “Ho-chul, you’re not married,” drawing laughter.

Shin Dong-yup said to Ha Ji-won, “My wish for today is to see Ji-won later and say, ‘Oh? “I wish I could say, ‘There was this side of me,'” he teased and made people laugh

Ha Ji-won said, “I have a scary memory. When I filmed the movie “Heo Sam-gwan,” there was a person who drank traditional liquor in the neighborhood. The film was cut off while I was drinking because they gave me such a good drink. We had a shoot left, but we finished filming, but I don’t even remember. When I watch a movie, I’m fine. I was really scared at that time,” he said, drawing laughter.

Shin Dong-yeop, who saw Ha Ji-won, who really likes drinking, asked, “Do you have a habit of coming out when you feel really good when you drink?” and Ha Ji-won said, “I’m not the type to be down.” I feel better,” he said.

Shin Dong-yeop said, “You must be happy and happy when you drink.”

Ha Ji-won said, “I love it when there is no script. I hate it when someone oppresses me. I’m a free man. I hate the rules,” he said, showing an unexpected appearance.

At this time, Jung Ho-chul asked for permission, saying, “I’m sorry, but can I go to the bathroom?” and Shin Dong-yeop and Ha Ji-won said, “I didn’t originally intend to go to the bathroom, but let’s go for a while.”

Ha Ji-won began to show off her drunkenness, and after the video, she began to show off her completely easy-going charm in the cookie video.

Ha Ji-won said to Shin Dong-yeop, “I saw my brother a few times, and today was the best day for me. Enough to keep in touch. “I’m filming, but I can go for a while,” he said, showing a comfortable appearance.

Later, when asked about her drinking capacity, Ha Ji-won suddenly got up from her seat and began to dance, saying, “I feel my alcohol.”

In the end, Ha Ji-won showed the manager tearing Ha Ji-won to stop her, and the caption said, “I came to stop her from the side with a shocking dance son-in-law,” drawing laughter.

In response, Shin Dong-yeop told Ha Ji-won, “You can’t ask me to edit it tomorrow morning.” Ha Ji-won made me laugh by saying, “But my manager might contact me.”

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