AKMU and PD Lee Chanhyuk are drinking honey


AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soohyun Lee, the first two MCs and the youngest MCs in history, stood as rookies nine years ago.

On the 29th, a press conference was held at KBS in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, for the KBS music talk show “The Seasons-Akmu’s Onal Obam.” Producer Park Seok-hyung and producer Lee Chang-soo, AKMU (Akdong Musician, Akmu) Lee Chan-hyuk, Soohyun Lee, and MeloMance Jung Dong-hwan attended the meeting.

The Seasons, which introduced a new method called “Annual Project” for the first time on KBS late-night music program, is divided into a total of four seasons throughout the year, with four MCs with various charms running the program under their names. The first MC Park Jae-beom hosted “Park Jae-beom’s Drive” from February 5 to the 23rd of last month, and Choi Jung-hoon hosted “Choi Jung-hoon’s Night Park” from May 14 to August 18

Producer Park Seok-hyung said, “Time seems to have passed faster than I thought,” and producer Lee Chang-soo said, “The Seasons is a program like Seoraksan Mountain.” This is because each season has a distinct charm. I think the season that people love and like the most is now. “I think this season, which is full of autumn leaves and changes, fits best with ‘Akmu’s Onal Obam,'” he said.

Following “Tarout” and “Re-Wake,” a new corner is also prepared. Producer Lee Chang-soo said, “We prepared a corner as part of the Re-Wake series that sheds light on musicians that were not easily visible to our eyes. The “Why Call Me” section introduces rookies or people who were not well seen in the media this season, if they hosted legends with many hit songs. “Focusing on ‘Sound’, new artists will be talked about with personal talents and issues, and since we are musicians, we will focus on the sound and introduce a new corner called ‘Sound of Honey’ that will invite people with ‘Honey Tone’

AKMU, who was selected as the MC of “The Seasons” after Park Jae-beom and Choi Jung-hoon, was selected as the first 2MC in the history of a 30-year KBS late-night music program. It is expected to lead the program with its bouncy charm, and it will meet with special musicians every week to provide AKMU’s own trendy and warm sensibility. Producer Park Seok-hyung said, “When I first planned ‘The Seasons’, I thought of AKMU as an MC, but it was too unconventional in the beginning. There was an age group as one MC hosted and recruited an influential person in the music industry. With the arrival of Park Jae-beom and Choi Jung-hoon, his age group became younger, but I kept it because I thought it would be too much for Akmu to take on the first season, and made contact for the third season, he said. “I thought ‘The Seasons’ needed a new look and a breakthrough.” I think AKMU is the most appropriate. It’s two, but I think I can give you the same feeling as one. “I thought I could show it well because I had chemistry, relationships, and faith that I have built up in my life,” he explained.

Lee Chan-hyuk said, “From the time I planned ‘The Seasons’, the stage came out so great that I thought there would be a day when I would work together as an MC, not a guest.” I didn’t know the opportunity would come this soon, but I’m looking forward to it. “I think it will come out well in a fun way,” he said. “Since the days of ‘Sketchbook,’ I have a lot of memories, and it is a program that I admire, so I felt burdened about the next position.” Park Jae-beom and Choi Jung-hoon seem to have paved the way naturally by being good MCs and making the atmosphere pleasant. “I want to take over well and proceed,” he said. Soohyun Lee said, “I hope I get an offer from the beginning of ‘The Seasons’I drank kimchi soup while doing it. I was wondering if I could lead by myself, but I was offered MC for AKMU this time, so I thought I should do it no matter what. “I thought I could do it comfortably because I had a reliable older brother, Jeong Dong-hwan, and writers,” he said.

Lee Chan-hyuk said as a guest he wanted to invite to “Once Upon a Time,” “I want to invite Lee Moon-se, who was impressed when I went to the concert.” I was touched, and my mother was crying. It is a voice that I want to let the generation hear even more. He said, “If young friends come in, it would be an honor to present a stage and song by a proud senior.” Soohyun Lee said, “I’d like to have Newzins with me. I’m such a fan. I saw it only once during this promotion, and my heart beat so fast. “If I can serve New Jins, I would like to talk a lot,” he said.

Band master Jeong Dong-hwan will work with AKMU following Park Jae-beom and Choi Jung-hoon. Jeong Dong-hwan, the head of the house band “Jeongmaewa Kungchi Tachi,” which was formed with Lee Tae-wook, Park Jong-woo, Jang Won-young, and Shin Ye-chan, said, “I’m looking forward to working with Akdong Musician. “As I’m the youngest MC, I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “Even though the members have a tight schedule, I’ll receive the song three to four days in advance, and I’ll practice on Monday and start recording on Tuesday.” “I don’t think I would have been able to come so far without the Kungchi-tachi members,” he said.

Jung Dong-hwan said, “I’m not good at speaking, so I think I can be an MC in the 18th season.” Until then, I will work hard on music,” he said. “I want to invite singer songwriters.” I think it would be nice to see musicians who do colorful music on “Onal Obam.”

With the first episode set to air, the production team and MCs delivered the key points to watch. Producer Lee Chang-soo said, “There are many guests who are not familiar with the first episode.” It is different in genre and profession. I think the color should be different every season. If Park Jae-beom had a strong hip-hop and Choi Jung-hoon had a strong band vibe, AKMU itself is a genre, so there will be people who have a strong color of their own. And AKMU is a good match for anyone. Lee Chan-hyuk and Soohyun Lee have different colors, but I think they can suit anyone. I think Lee Chan-hyuk and Soohyun Lee are ketchup and mayonnaise. It’s because it’s a delicious sauce no matter what you dip it in, he explained.

In particular, producer Lee Chang-soo said, “Since Lee Chan-hyuk appeared as a guest on ‘Park Jae-beom’s Drive’, he has contracted Lee Chan-hyuk’s disease. “I thought this plan and stage would look better,” he said, showing his affection for AKMU. In response, Lee Chan-hyuk responded to PD Lee Chang-soo, saying, “Your hair is cool.”

The Soohyun Lee said, “We’ve never done anything together in 10 years. I hope you watch what the extreme siblings will do. “As it’s our first broadcast, we can also get lost, so I ask you to see how it develops from that.” Lee Chan-hyuk said, “I can do well in a mess when I’m confident.” The viewing point itself is a mess. I don’t think you’d expect us to be professional if we were MCs. “Even if you think, ‘Why do you play like that?’ I will make you feel that it’s an attraction,” he said.

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