Jo Yuri singer and actor of OGAM 2 will be well distributed and digested


Cho Yu-ri showed off her strong charm.

The fashion magazine “Man Noblesse” released a pictorial and interview with Cho Yu-ri on its official SNS today (29th). Under the concept of “Jo Yu-ri of Twenty-three,” this pictorial drew attention by depicting Cho Yu-ri’s hot and brilliant present.

In the released image, Cho Yu-ri showed charisma by staring at the camera with intense eyes, and also caught the eye by showing her chic charm against the backdrop of red lights. Different from the lovely charm that he has shown so far fascinated the viewers 광주호스트바

In an interview conducted with a pictorial, Cho Yu-ri frankly confessed her thoughts on acting and future goals, as well as the story of her second mini-album “LOVE ALL” released on the 9th. First, Cho Yu-ri confessed about the new album, “I wanted to contain a variety of relationships, just as there are many kinds of love in life.”

In addition, when it comes to active activities across the two areas of singers and actors, Cho Yu-ri said, “I think it’s my job to distribute and digest the two well. “I’m doing my best every moment to the point where I think I’ll never be able to work that hard again,” he confessed. In particular, he said, “As we are still in the beginning stage, we have a lot to learn, and we want to work hard and develop,” adding, “Above all, we will never lose our initial commitment.”

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