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Numerous anticipated films have been embroiled in controversy over the inconvenience and power abuse of the filming site even before it was aired. Even though it is the public, who is a prospective viewer, who is experiencing inconvenience, filming without awakening continues.

Recently, the TVing original series “Pyramid Game” (director Park So-yeon) was embroiled in controversy over filming a nuisance, and on the 18th, the production team bowed its head, expressing its apology.

The production team said, “We confirmed that we caused inconvenience in walking at the filming location last week. We sincerely apologize for not paying more attention during the production process, he said. “We will try to strengthen safety and prevent unsavory things from happening again through more thorough on-site management in the future.”

Earlier, the online community spread an article saying, “Is it a school zone?” and that the “Pyramid Game” committed a nuisance shooting.

According to the post, the way to school, sidewalks, and bicycle paths were all controlled for filming the drama. As a result, the children walked by car, but no one gave safety guidance.

The author said, “I’ve put up with it, but isn’t this right? What is this on the way to school. Please avoid children’s school hours. Please let the children walk on the sidewalk,” he said in anger.

This is not the first time that citizens have been inconvenienced and controversial just because they are filming. It explodes once a month and is raising public anger with repeated apologies.

On the 10th, the filming of the “I’m Not a Hero” team starring Jang Ki-yong and Chun Woo-hee was controversial. At the time, the author claimed that his wife, who was a mother, visited the hospital with blood transfusion, and was stopped for filming a drama when he tried to enter the main building.

“I’m not a hero, but I apologize for the inconvenience to your guardian,” the side of “I’m not a hero,” said. “I’ll pay more attention and effort not to cause any inconvenience during the shoot.”

The drama ENA “Tell Me I Love You” starring Jung Woo-sung and Shin Hyun-bin caused controversy for dumping trash without permission, while the TVing new drama “Lee Jae, I’m going to die soon” starring Seo In-guk and Park So-dam and Netflix’s “Squid Game 2” starring Jung Woo-sung were embroiled in controversy.

IU Park Bo-gum’s new drama “I Have Been Duped” also became controversial because a staff member at the Gochang Cheongbori Field Festival had a conflict with a tourist who visited the festival site.

Starring Park Eun-bin, “Unmanned Diva” was booked for a man in his 40s who threw bricks at the scene due to a noise dispute on the set. Solo Hell 3 was criticized for setting up a broadcast filming set without permission on Saseungbongdo Island, an uninhabited island designated as a marine protection zone.

The production team of the program apologized and all promised to prevent a recurrence, but this controversy continues to be repeated, causing bitterness. This year alone, there are already more than 10 controversies. It is time to improve the attitude of the production crew and field staff, not just a formal apology and a promise to prevent a recurrence 대구호빠

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