I want to explain the plastic surgery but I can’t because I don’t have time


Eating show YouTuber Tzuyang explained about the plastic surgery controversy.

On the 18th, Tzuyang’s channel “tzuyang Tzuyang” explains the plastic surgery controversy + A video titled “Monster Black Bean Noodles 2kg Challenge Eating Show” has been released.

When the production team asked, “There are many rumors that your face has changed as you get older, right?” Tzuyang emphasized, “I’ve heard a lot that you’ve had plastic surgery these days, but I really haven’t done it.” Tzuyang has recently been embroiled in allegations of plastic surgery, including double eyelid surgery.

Tzu-yang said, “I can’t get plastic surgery even if I want to. There is no time. One side of the double eyelid is light, so the double eyelid tape is attached. If you take it off, it will come back to its original state,” he said, denying the allegations of eye plastic surgery by revealing the appearance of taking off the double eyelid tape. Regarding the suspicion of jaw and cheek fat plastic surgery, he said, “I’m surprised when I watch old videos because I lost all my baby fat while exercising. I’m 27 years old, so it’s time for me to change my face,” he added.

Tzu-yang said, “Isn’t your nose the same as before?” “I want to get plastic surgery, but I can’t leave my schedule for more than a week,” he denied again, and smiled, saying, “Isn’t it a little prettier if you got plastic surgery?”

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