238.2 billion deGrom’s unwavering glass body squeaked from the start due to injury.


If you’re not sick, there’s no doubt you’re the best pitcher on the planet. However, even if the team is moved, the ‘glass body’ does not seem to change. Jacob deGrom (Texas Rangers) postponed his bullpen pitching due to side pain.

“” reported on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) that Texas Rangers Jacob deGrom will postpone pitching in the bullpen for a day or two due to side pain.

DeGrom started his professional career after being nominated by the New York Mets as 272nd overall in the ninth round of the rookie draft in 2010, and made his first big league appearance in 2014. There is no doubt that deGrom is the best pitcher, as shown by his tremendous performance with 82 wins, 57 losses and a 2.52 ERA in 209 games in nine Major League seasons.

DeGrom stood tall as an “ace” with 9 wins, 6 losses and a 2.69 ERA in his first season of his debut, winning the title of the National League Rookie of the Year. DeGrom recorded 14 wins, 8 losses, and a 2.54 ERA the following year, harvesting his first double-digit victory in his career. And he won his first Cy Young Award based on his 10 wins, 9 losses and a 1.70 ERA in 32 games in the 2018 season.

The rollercoaster continued. DeGrom has also been selected four All-Star (2015, 2018, 2019, 2021) in nine big league seasons, including winning 10 consecutive wins since the 2017 season, including winning the National League Cy Young Award for two consecutive years with 11 wins and 8 losses and a 2.43 ERA in 32 games.

It is clear that deGrom is the best pitcher, but he has a fatal disadvantage. It’s durability. DeGrom played only 15 games due to injury in the 2021 season, and played only 11 games last year. Nevertheless, Texas invested $185 million (about 238.2 billion won) for five years in DeGrom, who came to the FA (free agent) market after the 2022 season, and captured his heart.

However, DeGrom’s 2023 season seems to be creaking due to injury from the start. ‘’ said, “DeGrom, who signed a five-year contract with Texas in the off-season, felt pain in his left side in a bullpen pitch a few days ago. “As a precaution, I will postpone pitching for a day or two,” he said adding, “DeGrom has spent a considerable amount of time on the injured list (IL) in the last two years while playing 26 games 안전놀이터

Texas chief Chris Young said of DeGrom’s condition, “It’s not serious. This is what many pitchers go through when they start spring camp. If you wait a day or two, you will be able to resume training normally. However, he did not seem to mind, saying, “We are not in a hurry.” However, as he has suffered from injuries in recent years, Texas has no choice but to pay keen attention.

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