Actress Lee Jung Eun and Eun Hee from Blues met Cha Seung Won


Actor Lee Jung-eun, who portrayed the main character “Jung Eun-hee” with her delicate acting skills in “Our Blues” (scripted by Noh Hee-kyung/directed by Kim Kyu-tae), revealed her feelings about the end of the show.

Lee Jung-eun, who played the role of “Jung Eun-hee,” a strong troubleshooter in Pureung Village on tvN’s “Our Blues,” which ended on the 12th, draws attention with her last greeting with the end.

When asked about the behind-the-scenes story of the reunion scene with “Whisky on the rock” in the 2nd episode, he said, “Writer, director wanted Eun-hee to be charismatic with even a small movement, and I thought all the relationships should be shown in that scene. In order to make that feel as much as possible, we spent months creating a composition of “four amateur dancers and one voice coach.” I thought, “There are things I gain as much as I think about it,” and revealed the behind-the-scenes story of trying to show a great performance.

When asked about their first love, their chemistry with actor Cha Seung-won and actor Uhm Jung-hwa, who appeared as true friends for 30 years, I could see why they became stars up close. It was a time where I could learn a lot. I think it’s a blessing to meet such a great colleague. I’m just grateful,” he said, expressing his deep affection and love for the actors he worked with.

Also, when asked if Eun-hee, who is indispensable in Pureung Village, actually acts as a troubleshooter among friends, he said, “My friends say that they are cool because they don’t side with anyone. I tend to hear that I’m a judge rather than a troubleshooter,” he said, showing a different twist from Eun-hee, who used to take care of Samchuns and friends.

Following the movie “Jasanbo,” there were many opportunities to prepare fish this time, but when asked if he became close to fish, he said, “Actually, living fish is still a little hard,” making people laugh.

There were also many viewers who supported the love line with Ho-sik (played by Choi Young-joon), but when asked if he was disappointed, he said, “I’m sorry to Ho-sik. I think the human rights and hosik pairs are better than me,” he said in a humorous way.

Lastly, when asked to say something to Eun-hee, she said, “I gained a lot of strength thanks to Jung Eun-hee, the icon of positivity. In life, I can’t encompass all my parents, children, and brothers, and it’s easy to be narrow-minded, but thanks to you, I can think of us. Thank you very much,” he said, showing his emotional affection for his character, and added, “I’m sure you all liked different episodes, but thank you so much to the viewers who sincerely supported “Our Blues,” which contains various flavors. The viewers thanked me a lot for appearing in the drama “Our Blues,” so I was able to work with a grateful heart. I will cherish that heart,” he said, wrapping up his speech by expressing his warm heart to the viewers who have cried and laughed together.

Actress Lee Jung-eun perfectly sang the Jeju dialect in the play, attracting viewers’ attention. In addition, he expressed his character through his unshakable eyes and a clear voice, from the appearance of falling into excitement and sadness when he met his first love, to arguing with Miran over trivial things and reconciling tears, increasing the immersion of the play.

In response, praise for actress Lee Jeong-eun, who has become indispensable to viewers like Jeong Eun-hee, the troubleshooter of Pureung Village, who laughed and made viewers cry with her sincere acting during the long journey of 20 episodes

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