Adam Lallana watched his team sink after 39 years of victory.


Brighton and Hove Albion’s official website, Adam Lallana.

How did Brighton’s Adam Lalana feel? Brighton won a historic victory over Liverpool on Tuesday.

Brighton, who had only won twice in the league before, won the game in 19 years. Brighton’s last victory in the league was recorded in 1982 and 1984, including all tournaments.

In this game, the relay screen especially showed “Lalana.” Lallana, who moved from Liverpool last summer, is already in her seventh month with Brighton.

Lalana, who was watching the game on the bench, looked somewhat surprised when she appeared on the screen around the 34th minute. Soon after, midfielder No. 20 Machi player was injured, Lalana defended Liverpool’s successive attacks to help the team win.

Coach Klopp said, “The fact that there were many mistakes in the pass was the decisive factor in the defeat,” but added, “The away game was difficult because Liverpool and Brighton were far away (347km). “I don’t think I was mentally perfect.

Liverpool fell to fourth place with the defeat, seven points behind the leader Manchester City on Sunday morning. When can Liverpool rebound as hopes for leading competition are gradually fading?

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