Bae Doo-na

Bae Doo-na, “We filmed for 24 hours during “Dohee” (Next, Sohee) [Roundup]

Bae Doo-na recalled memories with head coach Chung Ju-ri, who has been in a relationship since “Do Hee-

Bae Doo-na

On the afternoon of the 31st, a press preview of the movie “Next Sohee” (director Chung Ju-ri) was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Director Chung Ju-ri, actors Bae Doo-na and Kim Si-eun attended the meeting.

“Next So-hee” is a movie about the incident that So-hee (Kim Si-eun), a brave 18 high school student, experiences while going to field practice, and Yoo-jin (Bae Doo-na), a detective who was investigating it, faces in the same space and different time.

Chung Ju-ri, who was officially invited to the 67th Cannes Film Festival and swept domestic and foreign film festivals with his feature debut “Do Hee-ya,” was selected as the closing film of the 75th Cannes Film Festival Critics’ Week last year and met audiences around the world first.

On this day, Bae Doo-na said, “I met the director again after seven years and filmed it. I worked on “Dohee-ya” together, and seven years later, it was “the next Sohee” that received the scenario.

Head coach Chung Ju-ri looked back on the time before completing the scenario, saying it took seven years to give Bae Doo-na the “next So-hee” scenario.

Director Chung said, “After making and releasing the first film in 2014, virtually no one has contacted me. You must have been surprised when you sent the scenario to Bae Doo-na. Then, what we met and talked about was that he thought I had emigrated,” he said, drawing laughter.

He also said, “I was in contact with no one, but I managed to write a scenario and send it to Bae Doo-na.” I was sure this person would know what kind of movie I wanted to make, that he would watch the story as I wrote it. “I was grateful that you would work with me,” he said.

Bae Doo-na, who was listening to this, said, “The scenario was so good. I would have said I would do anything no matter what actress or anyone I sent. “I thought it was a relief that the scenario came to me first,” he said with a smile.

“Do-hee-ya” was a movie that was shot with a really low budget, so I had a lot of trouble sharing my joys and sorrows with the director. At that time, there was no 52-hour workweek, so we filmed for almost 24 hours. “We have a lot of memories of suffering together,” he said with a smile.

He also said, “No news must be good news.” He brought this scenario with him. I think that’s why there’s a deeper sense of comradeship,” he said. “There’s such a strong feeling.” I felt more trust in the person who came back to me after spending a long time pondering and taking time of his own. It was a great time, and I became a fan of the director more,” he said.

‘Next Sohee’ will be released on Feb. 8.

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