BLACKPINK Jisoo has 65 million Instagram followers…


Group BLACKPINK member and actor Ji-Soo has surpassed 65 million Instagram followers.

On the 10th, Ji-Soo’s Instagram followers proved their popularity when they exceeded 65 million.

Ji-Soo topped the K-pop artist list in September in the Instagram followers growth rankings.

He topped the list with 1,162,067 new followers.

Jisoo, who debuted as BLACKPINK in 2016, is gaining huge popularity around the world with her active activities as a group member.

Ji-Soo, who works in various fields such as models and acting, is loved for her various posts on Instagram, ranging from luxury photo shoots to fashion, beauty, and daily life updates.

Jisoo continues to receive attention from fans and the public, proving the global status and popularity of representing Korea. 안전놀이터

Currently, Ji-soo is the No. 1 Korean actress with the most Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, Ji-soo appeared in the JTBC drama “Seolganghwa” and recently won the “Female Actor Award in the Hallyu category” at the 2022 Seoul Drama Awards.

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