BTS V is the perpetrator of the school violence?Suspicions of mass production of organized rumors emerge


V, a member of the BTS, is suffering from untimely rumors. There are also suspicions that anti-fans are systematically slandering V.

Starting with Twitter on the 23rd, allegations that V was the perpetrator of school violence spread widely. One netizen claimed that he was the perpetrator of school violence based on the message that he witnessed V’s school violence.

The post has spread especially around overseas Twitter accounts. However, there are suspicions that rumors are spreading in the form of Koreans disguised as overseas fans mass-producing rumors and spreading them to overseas fans.

A netizen who identified himself as a fan of V claimed that a large account with numerous followers was changing its name and spreading rumors about V.

In addition, he pointed out that rumors spread abroad have spread to the domestic online community, which is known to domestic Internet users and the contents are being reported. They say that they are creating rumors of another celebrity’s romantic relationship, controversy over dog abuse, and even rumors of school violence perpetrators.

A netizen said, “If the agency does not file a massive complaint as a fan, V, including all members, is likely to be exposed to such malicious rumors,” adding, “I hope the agency will be seriously aware of the safety of the members.” 토토사이트 추천

“V’s school days from elementary school to high school are all well known in the media. He was a very good student and popular with his friends,” he said, dismissing rumors of school violence.

V suffered hacking damage once recently after a private photo with BLACKPINK member Jenny was leaked. Recently, suspicions have emerged that BLACKPINK members are also suffering from systematic mass production of rumors, especially among overseas fans.

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