Choi Jin-sil’s daughter Choi Jun-hee has changed her arms into people instead of making a debut in the entertainment industry


Choi Joon-hee, the daughter of the late actor Choi Jin-sil, who said she would debut as an actor, changed her strategy to “Arm People.” Amid the uproar in the entertainment industry due to school violence, he made his debut even after his past “school violence” was revealed, but eventually stepped down on his own.

Although I put aside my dream of becoming an actor, I still have interest in him. She resembles her mother’s beauty through plastic surgery and dieting, and she is a celebrity with 400,000 SNS followers. Recently, when he succeeded in losing 96kg to 44kg, he is taking a “arm people” move to promote diet foods.

The public’s response to Choi Joon-hee is enthusiastic. She is the daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, who is considered the best actor of the time, and the late Cho Sung-min, a former baseball player. As it is known that he lost his parents at a young age and suffered from a rare disease, he is receiving support with warm eyes.

Choi Joon-hee apologized for the school violence incident on her YouTube channel in February 2019. In a video titled “I’m sorry, sorry,” he said, “I’d like to apologize to the victims of school violence that happened two years ago and viewers who were unhappy with this incident.”

“I’m very disappointed and sorry to those who were upset and upset after this incident, including the victim who dropped out of school because of me,” he said. “Above all, I want to sincerely apologize to the friend who suffered a lot because of me.”

Even when school violence was admitted, it was relatively calm. Despite the sensitive social atmosphere, the public was as generous as Choi Joon-hee. In other words, public sympathy created by star-turned-parents and unhappy family members protected him.

However, his debut in the entertainment industry was different. Choi Jun-hee cannot be the only exception, as celebrities who have been exposed to school violence in the past are dropping out one after another and going into self-reflection. This is because the perpetrator of school violence continuously exposes his face to public positions is more damaging to the victim.

Choi Jun-hee reversed her debut position amid a flurry of public opinion. “There are still so many things I want to do,” he said. “I’m sure there are many friends who practice and burn their lives to become actors, but I’m just more noted as my mother’s daughter and I don’t think I have as much passion for this job yet.”

He then confessed, “It was a burden for me to ask when I could see them in my work activities because I was not ready to spend my 20s just by acting.”

Choi Joon-hee said that life, which has to be controlled oppressively, is not well adapted. He said, “It’s more fun to communicate through SNS,” and added, “If I’m more fully prepared and have a good opportunity, I’d like to meet you on the screen then.”
He did not mention ‘school violence’ as a reason for his withdrawal from his debut. However, it is hard to erase the impression that he was conscious of the public opinion surrounding him. The public, who miss Choi Jin-sil, had high hopes for Choi Jun-hee, but he is unlikely to succeed his mother in the future.’

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