Darvish’s legacy on TEX sets the MLB record for the first time in 128 years.


Ahead of the trade deadline in July 2017, Darvish Yu (San Diego) left the Texas Rangers and was traded to the LA Dodgers. Instead of sending Darvish to the Dodgers, Texas brought in fielder Willy Calhoun, pitcher A.J. Alexi, and infielder Brandon Davis as promising players.

At that time, Calhoun was the most ahead in the prospects rankings. Alexi, who was nominated in the 11th round of the 2016 draft, made his major league debut in Texas four years after the trade, and set a milestone in 128 years in MLB in his second appearance.

Alexi took the mound as a starting pitcher in an away game against the LA Angels at Anaheim Angels Stadium on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) and became a winning pitcher with one hit, two walks, seven strikeouts and no runs in six innings.

The crisis was only twice. Leadoff hitter Jared Walsh hit the only hit of the day and sent Joe Adele on a walk. He induced a grounder double play to second base with no outs and runners on first and second base and sent Max Stacy back on a walk, but overcame the crisis with a fly ball to left field.

Both the first and third and sixth sessions were handled as three-way retreats. In particular, in the sixth inning, Juan Lagarez, David Fletcher, and Otani Shohei turned to KKK for three consecutive batters. Otani was silent with no hits as he stepped down from the outfield against Alexi with a fly ball, strikeout, and strikeout.

Alexi made his major league debut against the Colorado Rockies on August 31. He pitched well with one hit, three walks, four strikeouts and no runs in five innings and won his first big league victory in his debut. This is his second win with one hit and no runs in six innings. He continued his ERA of zero.

According to Elias Sports, Alexi became the first pitcher to throw more than five innings in his first two major league games (starts) since 1893, allowing no runs and less than one hit. He recorded one hit and no runs in five innings and one hit and no runs in six innings. In 1893, the distance between the mound and the home plate was fixed at the current 18.44m.

Texas manager Chris Woodward said after the game against the Angels, “Honestly, it’s really impressive. I was impressed with what he was doing between the starters, what he was talking about the game, and his pitching,” adding, “His fastball was very good today. Fastballs didn’t hit. It has many extensions and vertical movements. “I threw a lot of strikes with fastballs and used sliders and changeups when I needed them,” he praised.

After the crisis in the second inning, Alexi handled 13 consecutive hits until the sixth inning. Coach Woodward said, “I was happy that Walsh hit an early hit. “If I was a no-heater until the sixth inning, I should have made a difficult decision (about the replacement in the seventh inning),” he joked.

Alexi played for Double A and Triple A this year, recording a 1.66 ERA in 16 games (10 starting games), and was called up to the Major League. He left his name in Major League history after two big league games.

Alexi said, “I gained more confidence with this game. The first game is always a little unstable, but I wanted to throw with more confidence in my delivery and pitching today, he said. “I wanted to throw as many strikes as possible.” “The (catcher) Trevino’s help was great,” he said 안전놀이터

Trevino said, “Alexi didn’t seem to be affected at all. Honestly, it gets stronger when there is a runner. “In particular, it was quite impressive to be a young pitcher, and it was good to see,” he said.

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