Director Gracia, why isn’t Lee Kang-in warming up? Spanish media


Lee Kang-in (19), who increased his playing time in the second half of this season, has been on the bench for a long time again. Coach Harvey Gracia Valencia has recently turned a blind eye to him again 파워볼사이트

Lee Kang-in was on the waiting list for the 2020/21 Spanish La Liga 22nd round match against Valencia Athletic Bilbao on the 8th, but failed to play. This year, Lee Kang-in started against Cardis, Real Valladolid and Osasuna, which Valencia played in January, increasing his playing time. However, after missing the Atletico Madrid (20th round) at the end of last month, he missed the 21st round against Elche in the 16th minute of his replacement, and again in the most recent away match at Athletic.

Valencia signed Cagliari midfielder Christian Oliva, Atalanta midfielder Cristiano Piccini and Wolverhampton striker Patrick Kutrone in the winter transfer window that ended earlier this month. Some people are expecting Lee Kang-in to move this summer, saying that his position has narrowed.

However, the Spanish daily Marca questioned Valencia’s lack of active use of Lee, whose performance and results are both below expectations, regardless of whether or not he is strengthened. In an article published after the match between Valencia and Athletic, the media said, “The director’s decision is a mystery. Why are Lee Kang-in and Heason (26) defying each other?” “Marca” then complained of frustration, saying, “Grazia only used two out of five substitutes who could be used in the Athletic match.”

“For Gracia, there were some offensive resources on the bench, such as Heason and Lee Kang-in,” Marca said. “But they didn’t even warm up.”

Meanwhile, the contract between Lee Kang-in and Valencia will end next summer. Lee Kang-in told the club that it is difficult to renew his contract with Valencia under the current circumstances. If Valencia fails to renew his contract with Lee Kang-in, he must be transferred this summer to collect the transfer fee.

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