Does Mitoma Real-Man City-Arsenal earn the highest salary in Brighton?


Will Mitoma Kaoru become Brighton Albion’s highest-paid player?

“With Real Madrid, Manchester City and Arsenal interested in Mitoma, Brighton is ready to offer a record-breaking new contract for Mitoma,” global soccer media “Goal Dotcom” said on the 18th.

Brighton is willing to make Mitoma the team’s highest salary, he added.

Mito-ma is from Kawasaki Frontale and moved to Brighton in August 2021. However, he immediately left for Belgium’s Royal Winnion Saint-Zilouaz on loan and returned for the season.

Mito-ma is heating up the English Premier League (EPL) as an Asian player. He scored eight goals and three assists this season, making a good impression.

In particular, the unique concise and excellent dribbling ability attracted many people.

At the same time, he played in the Qatar World Cup as a Japanese national team and helped advance to the round of 16, raising stock prices.

Real, Manchester City, and Arsenal are known to be interested as Mito-ma plays well day after day. Brighton was in a hurry.

Brighton has no intention of giving up Mito-ma. He plans to catch the team by offering a carrot, which is the team’s highest salary. 파워볼실시간

In what form will the transfer market change in the future? No one knows. What plans will Brighton hold on to the player? Attention is focusing on whether it will be transferred to another team.

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