Don’t worry about the fat Neymar like Azar He’s always been like this.


A 29-year-old acquaintance of Neymar said, “Don’t worry,” due to concerns from Paris Saint-Germain fans.

Recently, a photo was released that would make PSG fans nervous. Neymar, who enjoys his vacation on the island of Ibisa, Spain, was able to see that he gained weight at a glance.

Neymar certainly showed off his good appearance with his belly sticking out unlike in the season. There was a lot of concern that Neymar, who has the advantage of sleek dribbling and speed, will be able to play properly when he returns.

There were also considerable voices comparing Neymar with Eden Hazard (Real Madrid). In the past, Azard also showed brilliant dribbling skills with a skinny physique, but since moving to Real Madrid, he has been called a “hamburger fatty” due to his weight. I still haven’t lost weight, so I came down from the top.

Neymar is also criticized for his worries about walking the same path and for his lifestyle habit of not being able to take care of his body. In this regard, Neymar’s relative told French media Le Parisian, “There is no need to worry. Neymar said, “I’ve only had the same vacation as usual,” adding, “He’s already ready to fight with PSG. If we go back to the past, we’re confident that it won’t be a big deal.”

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