Durant, Barkley’s tax-paying players need to get the Covid-19 vaccine first, so old people can enjoy their retirement.


The heated debate between Kevin Durant (Bruqueline Nets) and Charles Barkley, a former NBA star and TNT basketball commentator, is drawing keen attention 파워볼게임

“Basketball players should be vaccinated first,” Barkley said recently. “Because they pay more taxes,” he said.

Then Durant was furious.

“Old people should just retire and enjoy,” he said on his social media account.

The war of words between Barkley and Durant began in 2016.

At that time, Durant abandoned the OKC Thunder and signed with the Golden State Warriors, criticizing it, saying, “It’s like putting a spoon on to wear a winning ring.”

The question was why he would go to a team that could win without Durant.

Durant won two Golden State titles in three years. He then signed a four-year contract with Brooklyn.

Since then, the two have often exchanged thorny words and engaged in a war of words.

Recently, Barkley gave Durant a TV interview after the match, but Durant, who was uncomfortable, only spoke briefly to Barkley’s question.

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