Lee Kang-in

EPL’s Lee Kang-in is aiming for Newcastle Wolverhampton love call

Lee Kang-in

Newcastle United, which has emerged as a world-class rich club, is seeking to recruit Lee Kang-in (21).

“According to British sources, Lee Kang-in is on the recruitment list for Newcastle United,” Spain’s Todo Pichahes reported on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), adding, “It fits the color of the team that wants a talented young player.”

He also added, “Wolverhampton is also chasing Lee Kang-in in preparation for the departure of Adama Traore, who may be transferred to Juventus.”

Newcastle United, which remained in the bottom half of every season, was acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund last season and began to strengthen its power.

He invested 130 million euros in transfer funds last season, and also spent 136 million euros in transfer funds this season. It aims to win the UEFA Champions League within a few years with a massive boost 토토사이트

As a result, young players are the first to be recruited while strengthening their power. Alexander Isak, who was recruited for 70 million euros, is 22 years old, and Sven Mortman, who was brought for 37 million euros, is also 22 years old.

Wolverhampton is drawing attention as a team that includes national team teammate Hwang Hee-chan. Jung Sang-bin is also a member of Wolverhampton and is currently on loan to Grashopper, Switzerland.

According to Spanish media Marca, Lee Kang-in topped the category with Oscar Trejo (Rayo Bayekano) with 15 dribbling successes in six games.

The ranking is higher than Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr. (22), who tied for third with 14 times. Vinicius is a world-class player with a market value of 120 million euros set by Transfermark.

According to the Spanish Primera Liga player market value announced by Transfermark on the 24th, Lee Kang-in recorded 9 million euros (about 12.4 billion won), up 3 million euros from the previous evaluation.

Mallorca embraced Lee Kang-in, who terminated his contract with Valencia ahead of last season, as a free agent. If you get a transfer fee, you can make a profitable business

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