ESPN Bower may never see you again in the MLB


LA Dodgers right-hander Trevor Bauer, 30, under investigation by law enforcement for physically and mentally abusing a woman in a sexual relationship.

In an article on the 1st (Korea time), ESPN predicted Bauer’s current situation and future direction.

Currently, the case against Bauer has been handed over to the hands of the local prosecutors’ office after a police investigation. The prosecution office will decide whether to indict him or not based on police investigation data. In the meantime, the court ruled against the women’s long-term restraining order.

The League Secretariat is conducting an investigation as per the Secretariat. Even if there is no judicial punishment, the labor and management will be disciplined in accordance with the “Prevention of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and Child Abuse” agreed upon by the labor and management.

So far, 13 players have been disciplined under the agreement. All of them accepted disciplinary action without appeal. However, ESPN said there is a high possibility that Bauer will appeal to the league’s disciplinary action, saying, “Bauer will break this trend.”

They explained why Bauer has been aggressive, fighting fans on social media, twice adjusting his salary with the Cleveland Indians and publicly criticizing Commissioner Rob Manfred. He has also used his lawyer to persistently attack the credibility of women’s claims.

An anonymous official, familiar with Bauer’s approach, told the media that “it would be a great war” and expected Bauer’s appeal process. “He is a man who needs perfect justification, and he will try to fight to the death. The death will probably be his own death,” he added.

In 2013, Alex Rodriguez appealed to 211 game suspension for banned drug use, which was reduced to 162 games. However, disciplinary action has never been completely overturned through the appeals process.

ESPN said Rodriguez was allowed to participate in the game during the appeal period, but unlike the prohibited drug prevention agreement, sexual violence-related issues are not allowed to participate in the game during the appeal. Regardless of the prosecutor’s indictment, he is already out of the game this season.

They also answered the question “Will Bauer be able to return to the mound?” beyond this season. Almost everyone who responded to their report responded, “I will never see you again in the Major League.” With his reputation remaining for his notorious past, they say, “Will there be a team that will field him at the risk of public criticism at a time when concrete actions on the incident have been revealed?”

Bauer has agreed to a three-year, $12 million contract with the Dodgers, and the contract is guaranteed until 2023. Currently, he is on leave of absence from official duty, but he is being paid.

ESPN said there are veteran players who don’t want him back and other groups who will welcome him. However, if Bauer tries to return, the group that doesn’t want to do it may have a bigger voice.

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