GD Is this an art gallery class penthouse? It’s not a tucksk this time


G-Dragon (GD) has been telling us how he has been doing.

G-Dragon posted several photos on his Instagram on August 24, along with the short English phrase “Somewhere Over the.”

With most of the colorful artworks, he also gave a surprise update on his selfies.

G-Dragon, who is known to be well-versed in art, is said to live in a premium penthouse in Hannam-dong, Seoul. In particular, high-priced artworks decorated with luxurious interior and houses have been unveiled through Instagram, so netizens who saw the photos are curious about whether G-Dragon’s other works have been unveiled.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with BLACKPINK’s Jenny in February. At that time, Dispatch released a paparazzi photo of the two, saying G-Dragon and Jenny have been dating for a year. The agency did not acknowledge this.

However, their relationship has come back to the spotlight recently, with reports of G-Dragon and Jenny’s love affair intact 여성전용마사지

G-Dragon was also criticized for violating the quarantine rules as he was not wearing a mask properly, such as wearing a so-called “tucksk” in the paparazzi report.

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