Goo Hyesun

Goo Hyesun sold out her dress and she’s getting prettier and prettier

Goo Hyesun

Actress Koo Hye-sun showed off her goddess beauty.

Koo Hye-sun posted a photo on her Instagram on the 10th with a message saying, “I’m filming the cover of McEngina. With Raspberry(?).”

In the photo released, Goo Hye-sun is in the middle of a photo shoot. Koo Hye-sun, who posed with raspberries as a prop, draws attention by showing off her seductive and innocent beauty. In particular, it perfectly pulls off a colorful halter-neck dress, drawing admiration

Earlier, Koo Hye-sun released information on a pink dress worth 30,000 won, which was worn in an advertisement, and drew attention by announcing that all of them are currently sold out of stock.

Meanwhile, Koo Hye-sun is active as an all-round entertainer, including an actress, a film director, a composer, and a novelist.

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