Young Sugg

Havana Young Sugg tried for creating a gang…Did you kill people?

Rapper Young Surg, who was indicted by the prosecution on charges of co-founding a gang and promoting it with songs and SNS, will go on trial.

Young Sugg

The U.S. media ABC News reported on the 8th (local time) that rapper Young Thurg (31) will go on trial from the 9th.

Young Sugg is an American rapper based in Atlanta who was indicted in May last year. The second indictment in August added more charges, including drugs, as well as blackmail conspiracy and involvement in gang activities. Fellow rapper Gunna was also indicted.

In addition to certain charges, 191 widespread criminal acts committed between 2013 and 2022 to promote gang interests were included.

Young Sugg started rapping as a teenager and established the YSL (Young Stoner Life) label, which was a huge success as CEO.

Prosecutors explained that the label YSL also has a dark meaning of Young Slime Life, which is affiliated with blood gangs nationwide. The gang member nominated for the indictment committed violent crimes, including murder, shootings and car theft.

Young Surg uploaded a song on his YouTube that he claimed was “a clear act by the prosecution to promote conspiracy.” “I didn’t kill anyone, but I have something to do with the body,” another lyric of his indictment said.

Meanwhile, Young Sugg featured in Camilla Cabello’s global hit ‘Havana’.

Singer Youngserg is a friendly singer to us. I can feel the sadness.

The style was good too, but let’s take a look.

He is 191 cm tall and has a very thin body. It is similar to the commonly known snoopdog. He likes to wear wide-necked women’s T-shirts, women’s hoodies, skinny jeans and skirts. Farrell Williams even praised the fact that he dresses in defiance of the gender set in his clothes.

In the hip-hop scene, which emphasizes old-fashioned masculinity, he wore women’s clothing at the same time as a blood gang, used white skinny jeans brands YSL and Amiri, which were rejected by the gang community at the time, and often wore feminine brands such as Chanel. Considering that current American rappers enjoy wearing hoodies and sweatshirts that are perfect for skinny jeans like Youngtteok in the past, you can’t help but feel the influence.

The general public in the United States who demand old-fashioned masculinity from rappers calls Youngtteok gay for this reason, but he is straight. He is also raising his children through one night, prostitution, and premarital pregnancy.

Currently, the video of being invited to VIP seats on the fashion runway with the fashion sense and fixing the clothes by stopping the walking model is being talked about very symbolically. It launched a clothing brand called SPIDER and is traded as a reseller. Of course, you don’t have to worry about being lynched by the Cripps gang on the street for wearing this. Other genres of singers and celebrities such as Rosalia also gained popularity by wearing the brand.

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