Hyunyoung’s tuition alone is 600 million won, and he reads with clothes on a luxury necklace


Broadcaster Hyun-young revealed her hobby.

Hyun-young said on her SNS on the 21st, “I’m enjoying my own time on my way to Seoul to work after sending my children to school. He posted an article saying, “Life is beautiful when you listen to music and read books~~.”

“Yoon Do-hyun’s ‘I Must Have Loved You’ is a masterpiece.” I don’t think there’s a song like this in autumn This emotional explosion! I’m meeting Kang Gyunsung in the afternoon, so I’ll have to listen to a song. “Thankful team for singing our congratulatory song~~I should listen to ‘Promotion’ while thinking about the wedding day.”

“What are you doing at this time?” If you are free this morning, would you like to talk to me about books and play?”

In the photo released at the same time, Hyun-young is wearing headphones and reading a book while listening to music in a moving car.

Earlier, KBS2’s “Yeonjung Live” recently aired revealed the study site chosen by stars, and introduced an international school in Incheon chosen by top star families such as Hyun-young, Jeon Ji-hyun, Kim Nam-joo, Kim Seung-woo, and Eugene and Ki Tae-young. According to the broadcast, the tuition fee is known to reach 600 million won if you complete all of the kindergarten to high school.

Meanwhile, Hyun-young married a handsome husband working in the financial industry in 2012 and has one son and one daughter. In addition to broadcasting activities, it has received attention for achieving 8 billion won in annual sales through its business

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