I love Rashford I want to see him every three days


Robin van Persie, who played as a striker for Manchester United, praised his junior Marcus Rashford.

Van Persie was recently interviewed by Manchester United’s official media. Van Persie, who left Arsenal in the summer of 2012 and wore a Manchester United uniform, boasted an overwhelming scoring ability, winning the English Premier League (EPL) scoring title. He is considered a legend in Manchester United as he experienced the last league championship between former coach Alex Ferguson and Manchester United.

Rashford caught such van Persie’s eyes. Rashford has been reborn as the hottest striker in the EPL this season. This season alone, he scored 30 goals for Manchester United and the England national team. In February, he swept the EPL Player of the Month award, Manchester United Player of the Month award, and the PFA Player of the Month award selected by fans.

“Rashford is showing the best performance of his life,” Van Persie said. Both condition and concentration are good. It seems to be fun to play soccer. “I think he knows what role he has to play and is performing it properly,” he praised.

Van Persie has watched Rashford grow up on the Manchester United youth team. “I’ve been a standout player since I was very young. The same is true now, of course. All the surrounding situations were well matched. The role of the director and his colleagues is also large. In particular, his relationship with Bruno Fernandes seems special. Only extremely rare players can have this relationship in their career. “It’s positive that Fernandez is next to Rashford,” he explained 우리카지노

Rashford grew explosively after meeting with coach Eric Tenhach. It is evaluated that it has overcome all the shortcomings that it had before.

“From a leadership point of view, it’s a great pleasure to be with players like Rashford,” Van Persie said. Rashford will also be happy to have coach Tenhach. A growing player is full of confidence. Looking at Rashford, I think I can score a goal no matter which team I meet or who I deal with. He is a player I really want to see every three to four days. “It’s fun to watch”

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