I’m curious about the short cut transformation Ko Hyun-jung’s Segel beauty, Nana’s mask girl still


Global entertainment streaming service Netflix’s new series “Mask Girl” has released character stills of the three actors who played Kim Mo-mi of turbulent life in a three-person role

The Netflix series “Mask Girl,” which depicts Kim Mo-mi’s turbulent life story, revealed stills of Ko Hyun-jung, Nana, and the mask girl, who played Kim Mo-mi, as an ordinary office worker with a complex of looks, working as an Internet broadcast BJ with a mask covering her face every night. “Mask Girl” drew attention early on by challenging the unconventional casting of three-person one-role acting to express the extreme change of a character named Kim Mo-mi in the vortex of catastrophe. The released still catches the eye of three actors with distinctly different faces, as well as three Kim Momi, who have the mysterious identity and status of Internet broadcasting BJ, showgirl and prison inmates.

Kim Mo-mi, who appears first, is an office worker with a complex of appearance. Kim Mo-mi, who wanted to be a celebrity but failed to achieve her dream due to her appearance, is active as an Internet broadcast BJ Mask Girl who dances sexy with a mask on, giving off her talent that she cannot hide. The thrilling happiness loved by many people also briefly crosses the irreversible river while fighting with a person who approached her with bad intentions. While prospective viewers are getting more and more curious about the new actor who played the first Kim Mo-mi, who was still veiled, director Kim Yong-hoon said, “I met many actors while auditioning a lot, and I met them by fate. “I thought that the great desire to act was very similar to what Kim Mo-mi felt,” he said, doubling expectations for the first Kim Mo-mi, who was selected after a massive audition. Nana plays Kim Mo-mi, who has a dream appearance after an unexpected incident. Kim Mo-mi, who hid her identity and worked as a showgirl at a bar, will be cheered again under colorful lights under the new name of Areum. Nana depicted the inner side of the character moving between the two poles in a variety of ways, not only her beautiful exterior but also Momi’s despair in the past, which she chased to the tip of her chin. Director Kim Yong-hoon raised his thumb while watching Nana’s acting on the spot, saying, “I thought she was an actor with an animal sense.” Ko Hyun-jung was the last Kim to be imprisoned after a series of incidents. The detached face of a character who has become accustomed to life called “Mask Girl” or “Prisoner No. 1047,” the main character of the “Mask Girl Murder Case,” which made the world buzz with the name of Kim Mo-mi, is also admired by Ko Hyun-jung. Director Kim Yong-hoon expressed her affection by saying, “It was an honor to be able to work with Ko Hyun-jung, who was a big fan.” Kim Mo-mi’s life on the steep curve of life created by wrong choices and a series of bad luck, three actors gathered to portray it, and their all-time passionate performance, which captures strong individuality but penetrates the character, can be seen in “Mask Girl.”

The Netflix series “Mask Girl,” which is drawing attention with the casting of a three-person, one-player role consisting of Ko Hyun-jung, Nana, and hot new actors, will be released only on Netflix on August 18

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