home runs

It’s a disaster. 45 home runs, only one hit, 218.8 billion shortstops are suspected

home runs

The Toronto Blue Jays have been “on a roll” day after day. The reason is clear. This is because he did not sign a contract with Marcus Semien, “Ryu Hyun-jin’s former colleague.”

Semien had the best season of his career in Toronto last year. Semien played in 162 games, shooting 45 home runs and setting a new record for the most home runs in the history of second baseman in Major League Baseball, hitting 173 hits, 102 RBIs, 115 runs, and batting average of 0.265 OPS 0.872.

Some said it was a “fluke” season as he had a “career high” season in his ninth year in the Major League. However, the result of ‘MVP-class’ was the best. Semien turned down Toronto’s Qualifying Offer (QO) and entered the FA market. And he succeeded in signing a seven-year, $175 million (about 218.8 billion won) “Jackpot” contract with the “big-handed” Texas Rangers.

Of course, as a result, it was a very “successful” judgment that Toronto did not offer a super-large contract to Semien. Semien’s performance this season was only 0.193 OPS 0.524 with 21 hits, 1 home run, 17 RBIs and 21 runs batted in 48 games at the end of the game on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time). Considering the ransom, it is hard to raise its head.

Local media are also criticizing Semien’s repeated slump. CBS Sports in the U.S. said, “Semi-en has lost its power. “The first season in Texas is a disaster,” he said. “It doesn’t mean it won’t rebound at any point, but it’s hitting .193/.258/.266 in the first season of a seven-year, $175 million contract. He said, “After hitting 45 home runs a year ago, I only hit one home run in 48 games this year.”

“CBS Sports” said, “Semien had unbelievable results with a ball that he pulled when he hit 45 home runs last year,” adding, “It was a ball with 39 out of 45 home runs pulled.” And it recorded the lowest ground ball percentage. Semien is still pulling the ball, but he doesn’t hit as hard as he did last season, and he has a lot of ground balls,” he pointed out.

Semien recorded 58.4% of ground balls in 2019, the second-best performance in his career, but his average batting speed was 90.5 miles (about 145.6 km). In 2021, the career high season, the ground ball ratio was only 44.1%, and the average batting speed was 93.3 miles (about 150.2 km). However, this year’s grounding rate is 60.3 percent, and the average batting speed is 87.9 miles.

CBS Sports suspected that Semien’s sluggishness would hide his injuries. The media said, “Last year, Semien’s low ground ball ratio and fast batting speed helped the home run a lot. But this year, the opposite is true. “We’re not pulling the ball in the air,” Semien said. “There could be potential injuries that we don’t know. It is not an impossible story. Chris Woodward, the coach of Texas, said, “It seemed to turn it into a technical problem 안전놀이터

Finally, CBS Sports said, “No one expects Semien to hit 45 home runs this year.” However, he is now at the pace of four home runs. This is the problem. “It’s June now. Texas has a long-term contract with Semien, so they’ll want to see results.

No one could have predicted that Semien would be in such a slump. But at this point, Texas has been completely ‘cheated’ by SEMIEN’s agent, the Devil’s Agent Scott Boras

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