Kim Binwoo

Kim Binwoo’s American fashion No one can blame his mom for taking it off

Kim Binwoo

Kim Bin-woo, who has lived in the U.S. for a month, gave tips to his fans.

Kim Bin-woo shared information on living in California for a month on his SNS on the 8th. Kim Bin-woo revealed detailed tips from immigration, flight ticket stories, accommodation, and tourism. Kim Bin-woo said, “We had been planning our trip since the beginning of this year, so we bought a ticket in early February and upgraded our mileage relatively cheaper than the current market price,” adding, “Our husband and son rode the economy because we were going to the U.S.”

Regarding the weather and clothes, he stressed, “It’s okay to take off your clothes and go around in the water to get ready to play, and there’s no one to say anything about your mother taking off her clothes.”

Kim Bin-woo, who started living in the U.S. for a month, is enjoying a leisurely daily life while playing in the water with his family on the beach and swimming pool. In particular, Kim Bin-woo, who completed his solid body through exercise, drew attention by wearing bikinis and crop t-shirts so that he could play in the water anytime, anywhere. The free atmosphere of LA and Kim Bin-woo, which no one needs to be aware of, are enviable.

Meanwhile, Kim Bin-woo married businessman Jeon Yong-jin in 2015 and has a son and a daughter.

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