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Kim & Chang meeting with producer Na Young-seok CEO of Lee Seung-ki, who is on a four-way race

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Lee Jin-ho, “Entertainment President,” analyzed the current situation of Lee Seung-ki, who is in conflict with his agency.

On the 27th, the YouTube channel “Entertainment Du President” said, “The reason why Lee Seung-gi is on the verge of being pardoned…”A video titled ‘The CEO’s creepy actions’ was posted.

Lee Seung-gi recently sent a certificate of contents to Hook Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Hook) to the effect of transparently disclosing the details of the settlement. Since then, it has been argued that Lee Seung-gi has not received any settlement of profits for all the songs he released for 18 years since his debut. In response, Hook refuted Lee Seung-ki’s claim that he did not receive any money for the settlement of the music source, not true.

However, Lee Jin-ho analyzed that the current situation is not only favorable for Lee Seung-gi, but rather Lee Seung-gi is in a desperate situation. Lee Jin-ho mentioned the silence of his agency’s family members for that reason.

Lee Jin-ho said, “It has been proved one by one that Lee Seung-gi has been treated unreasonably, but no one is speaking out for Lee Seung-gi.” Referring to Hook’s celebrities, Lee Jin-ho said, “Both sides are related. It’s hard to ask which side to take,” he said, adding, “Isn’t Lee Seung-gi fighting alone?” When you fight with your agency, you usually make an umbrella that can protect you. However, Lee Seung-gi came out of the hook with only one manager. I’m in a situation where I’m alone with my manager alone. “It is never an easy situation, both mentally and outwardly,” he said.

The second reason was the power of CEO Kwon Jin-young. Lee Jin-ho said, “CEO Kwon Jin-young is very famous in the industry. He has the potential to grow into a company worth more than tens of billions of won with just two people, Lee Sun-hee and Lee Seung-gi, he said. “CEO Kwon’s power also affects broadcasters.” Some say that the broadcaster is wary of CEO Kwon, he said.

Hook entertainers Lee Seo-jin, Yoon Yeo-jung, and Lee Seung-gi are all stars who are active in entertainment shows. Lee Jin-ho said, “Representative Kwon Jin-young has a strong relationship with producer Na Young-seok. Lee Seung-gi and producer Na Young-seok have been working on various works since “1 Night 2 Days” and have become close to CEO Kwon, he said.

CEO Kwon Jin-young is a wealthy person worth tens of billions of won. Only known is tens of billions. He said, “He has such a huge fortune that it amounts to 100 billion won,” adding, “He will never let this go on.”

According to Lee Jin-ho, Hook had a meeting with Kim & Chang, the nation’s most famous law firm. Lee Jin-ho said, “We are not in the senior stage yet. It is still in the meeting stage, but what can be confirmed by this fact alone is CEO Kwon Jin-young’s strong will to appoint the nation’s top law firm on this issue,” he said.

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