Kim Kwang-hyun to the bullpen went up in anger again


St. Louis Cardinals left-hander Kim Kwang-hyun (33), who returned to the bullpen due to a slump in one game, could not hide his regret.

Kim Kwang-hyun met MK Sports ahead of the home game against the LA Dodgers at Bush Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, on the 9th (Korea Standard Time) and said, “I went up in anger yesterday. “The results couldn’t be good,” he said, looking back on his mound the previous day.

On the previous day, Kim Kwang-hyun took the mound as a bullpen pitcher in the eighth inning of a home game against the Dodgers and recorded two hits, one home run, and two strikeouts in 113 innings. It was regrettable that Justin Turner allowed a two-run home run in the ninth inning.

He, who had been sluggish with four runs in 12/3 innings in an away game against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 5th, has since been expected to start the series against the Dodgers on the 10th, but coach Mike Shilt has been talking about the possibility of starting Jake Woodford, a rising star right after the game. In fact, the replacement of the starting lineup was considered a fait accompli.

Kim Kwang-hyun couldn’t have known this atmosphere. He said, “I was expecting to some extent while looking at the articles (who delivered the director’s remarks).”

I was expecting it, but I couldn’t get rid of the regret over the club’s way of coping. St. Louis coaches, who had not said much about their schedule to take the mound before, suddenly called him to wait for the bullpen on the 8th, when they were originally scheduled to pitch in the bullpen.

He said, “I took a group photo of the team at 3 p.m., but 10 minutes ago, I don’t have enough time, so ask questions later. “Nothing has been decided (who the starting pitcher is), but today I was notified that I should wait in the bullpen because there is a shortage of bullpen,” he said, explaining the situation at the time 파워볼사이트

This was actually a notice of bullpen relegation. St. Louis changed the starting pitcher of the game on the 10th to “decision later (TBD)” on the game note on the 9th, and put Kim Kwang-hyun as a bullpen pitcher on the lineup card.

Kim Kwang-hyun, who left last month due to elbow inflammation, returned to the bullpen, but Jack Flarety left due to a shoulder injury and took the opportunity to start again. He pitched well with one run in four innings in the Pittsburgh away game on August 30, but was sluggish with four runs in 12/3 innings in an away game against Milwaukee on the 5th. As a result, he was pushed out of the starting lineup because he ruined one game.

Of course, it is a difficult measure for players to accept. He said, “It’s my fault that I couldn’t do it,” but replied, “Of course, I don’t think it’s my fault to go down because I messed up a game.” “There’s nothing beneficial about fighting with the club or coach,” he said, quelling his anger on himself.

Kim Kwang-hyun’s contract with St. Louis is scheduled to end after this season.

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