Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri, a big man like an adult Song Joong-ki who is younger than her age.

Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri expressed her feelings about working with the crew of “Seungriho.”

Kim Tae-ri, who challenged Korea’s first SF movie through the Netflix film “Seungriho (director Cho Sung-hee),” asked in a video interview on the 15th, “Was there anything surprising about working with seniors?” Yoo Hae-jin joined the work twice, including “1987” and “Seung-ri-ho.” “I felt it when I was in ‘1987’, but what I did more during ‘Seungriho’ is my affection for the character and my ability to fully digest it as my own,” he said.

“You’re very specific about your character,” Kim said Kim Tae-ri. Seung Ri Ho’s up-dong is not a person. Therefore, how to develop this character was entirely up to the senior. I was also looking forward to how much more fun, pleasant, and fresh characters he would be because he acted not only his voice but also his motion. And he said, “Let’s get out of the genre.” He approached the genre better than anyone else. It was a character.”

Kim Tae-ri, who repeatedly emphasized, “He’s an actor who really prepares a lot,” often said, “Your ad-lib has become an ambassador for Updong.” When it comes to ad-libs, there are many people who think it’s a word that comes to mind while acting, but my senior thought about it for a long time and studied, “If this goes in between the lines, I can show it well.” After that, he talked to the director and talked with the actors he was working with. It was so amazing. Because I’m not good at acting. He’s getting ready, but he needs to be quick. “It was amazing every single moment.

“(Song) Joong-ki and (Jin) Seongyu were good.” It was my first time working with Seongyu, and I enjoyed the whole time. “They are really good actors. Especially, Seongyu is good at using his body. Action seems to move the body greatly dynamically, but the most important thing is not to get hurt. The movements that should be shown even in the clumpy scene and the light and unhurt movement were different. “I heard that you used your body a lot during the play, but it was different,” he recalled.

“He’s not much older than me. But he felt like an adult. “Where does that adultness come from?” and it was excellent to harmonize and harmonize with people on the scene. As a character, I have the title of Captain Jang, but it was Joong-ki’s brother who matched the real captain. “I feel like I’m a big person,” he added.

“Seungriho” is a movie about the crew of the space junk cleaner Seungri, who jumps into a dangerous deal after discovering Dorothy, a human-type robot known as a weapons of mass destruction, set in 2092. It gave up its theatrical release in the wake of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19/Corona 19) and succeeded in catching the early buzz by becoming the No. 1 popularity of Netflix movies based on content streaming service ranking website FlixPatrol after Netflix’s release on the 5th.

Kim Tae-ri played the role of Captain Jang, the leader of Seung Ri-ho, in the upcoming film, and made a dramatic transformation. Captain Jang, Seung-ho’s actual brain and strategist, is the youngest, but boasts extraordinary brains and extraordinary leadership. He was once the captain of the notorious space pirate squad, but changed his status and was always drunk, so the rough space workers as well as the crew members of the ship Seung-ho speak out their tongues due to his basic and complacent personality. Kim Tae-ri, who has changed both inside and outside, including her short hair, sunglasses, and the imposing figure of aiming for a laser gun, confirmed actress Kim Tae-ri’s new face.

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