Korean Zombie Jung Chan-sung Avoiding Holloway Sports Kids Jung Chan-sung vs Holloway is a fan-friendly battle.


“Korean Zombie” Jung Chan-sung wants to face Max Holloway, but Holloway chose Chase Hooper as the candidate for the next clash.

Holloway, a former UFC featherweight champion, recently tweeted that he is the fighter who lets Hooper go the most.

The UFC featherweight is full of prominent players such as Yair Rodriguez, a black belt holder in taekwondo, Ryan Hall, and Karate expert Giga Chikaze.

Holloway, however, picked Hooper as the next promising player.

Holloway lost consecutive matches against current featherweight champion Alexander Volkavowski.

In the second of these, there was controversy over the decision.

Holloway was later able to make a comeback against Calvin Cater.

Holloway planned to face Rodriguez, but was canceled due to injury before the match.

Their one-off match is being pursued again.

Chung Chan-sung raised an objection to this.

Rodriguez, who has been vacant for two years, has argued that it is not fair to beat Holloway.

Chung Chan-sung provoked Dan Ige, saying, “Halloway’s fist is weaker than mine,” after beating Dan Ige by a unanimous decision.

Sports kida also agreed with Chung Chan-sung’s claim.

“Halloway has other options,” the media said recently. “Fans have demanded a showdown between Holloway and Chung Chan-sung, known as the “Korean Zombie.”

“Both Jung Chan-sung and Holloway are notable experts, and the confrontation between the two will undoubtedly be a fan-friendly fight,” he stressed.

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