Lee Dayoung

Lee Dayoung, the Romanian stage also works…

Lee Dayoung

South Korean setter Lee Dayoung (26), who is starting anew in Romania, has been active since the opening game of the regular league and has been with his team’s first victory in the opening game.

Rafid Bucharest won 3-2 (18-25, 25-15, 25-15, 25-25, 23-25, 15-10) in the opening match of the 2022-2023 Romanian women’s professional volleyball league in Lugoji, Timishu, Romania, on the 30th.

On this day, Lee Da-young started with Nasuya Dimitrova, Sese Montalvo, Ioana-Maria Baku, Alexandra-Romela Trica, and Jennifer Cross.

Lee Da-young, who worked with Dimitrova from the beginning of the game to give the team its first score, reported the first individual score of the game as the team scored 2-3 with pass paint. Bucharest continued the close race until the middle of the first set, and Montalvo was caught blocking the opponent and allowed a 17-20 lead, and the score widened to 17-23, losing the flow of chase.

But Bucharest fought back from the second set. Bucharest, who succeeded in reversing 2-1 with Lee Da-young’s blocking score, began to widen the gap to 15-12 as Lee Da-young worked with Trica and succeeded in taking a 19-12 lead with a series of blocking scores, taking a complete victory. Lee Da-young succeeded in passing paint once again and even scored a blocking point, giving the team a 22-14 lead.

The third set was also Bucharest’s possession. As Dimitrova scored the ball Lee Da-young put up, Bucharest took a 12-8 leadYoung’s pass paint score helped him run away 16-9 and also managed to catch the third set by a wide margin of 25-15.

Bucharest failed to put an end to the fourth set. Bucharest, who allowed an 11-15 lead because he failed to take advantage of the opportunity to attack even though Lee Da-young’s serve, succeeded in turning the game around 16-15, but failed to show his support in the game after the 20-point range. Bucharest attempted a dig after Lee Da-young served, but failed to succeed, allowing a 22-23 lead and eventually had to head to the fifth set as he knelt 23-25.

The team that grabbed the last five sets was Bucharest. Bucharest won the game with a 9-6 lead as Lee Da-young and Montalbo worked together. Lee Da-young once again posted the ball to Montalbo, and with Montalbo’s success this time, Bucharest led 13-8, which was no different from winning. On this day, Lee Da-young played full-time until the fifth set.

Meanwhile, Bucharest will play his second regular league match against SCM Cryova on the 6th of next month.

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