Lee Young-ji

Lee Young-ji was victimized by the controversy over the preferential treatment of Show Me 11 for some crime

Lee Young-ji

This is the public’s view toward Mnet’s entertainment show “Show Me the Money 11.” This is not just because of Lee Young-ji’s outstanding rap skills. It was possible because he used his name value to raise the popularity of the program, create a narrative as if he were the main character, and add a dramatic element by adding the setting of crisis and hardship. Lee Young-ji, who appeared on the program with a big resolution, was swayed by the production team’s intention and was even embroiled in controversy over preferential treatment.

Lee Young-ji has received the attention of the public and rappers since the news of her participation in “Show Me the Money 11” was reported. He won the Mnet ‘High School Rapper’ Season 3 in 2019 and quickly emerged as a rising star in the hip-hop world with his natural skills at the time. Since then, he has also been active in entertainment and YouTube, becoming a recognized “MZ generation” icon.

However, his eyes were not only beautiful. When Lee Young-ji appeared in the first gym preliminary round, other participants gave unfavorable looks, such as “Why did Young-ji really come out?” “I think there were a lot of criticisms that he was an entertainer, not a rapper,” and “Didn’t he come to take away the rice bowl?”

Despite the harsh gaze, Lee Young-ji did not care. He said, “I’m (musically) always empty and always hungry. I thought I’d regret it if I didn’t go out. He put himself to the test himself, saying, “I would rather go out and fail than regret.” And he proudly grabbed the pass necklace, beating his rap skills that did not disappoint his criticism of him.

The production team’s “Lee Young-ji Floating,” which recognized his hot topic, also began in earnest. Among the numerous participants, the production team not only included Lee Young-ji in each trailer, but also edited it as if he would appear in episodes that did not appear. Lee Young-man, who had proudly passed the visible “Lee Young-ji Marketing” with his skills, was branded as unfavorable.

Lee Young-ji, conscious of this, also said, “I will do my best not to doubt that this participation is a noise marketing tool or a light challenge. “I want to tell you my true feelings,” he said.

But it ended up bursting. Lee Young-ji’s controversy over preferential treatment arose in the fourth episode of “Show Me the Money 11,” which aired on the 18th. The rule of the “Guerrilla Beat Cypher” mission on this day is that when the drum beat starts to play, the members of each team can hold the lit microphone and start their own verse. The member who could not hold the microphone until the end of the performance was a candidate for elimination, and three from each team were eliminated.

Lee Young-ji failed to hold the microphone until the end of 22 rounds and became a candidate for elimination. Haengju, who was in charge of the judging committee, even told Lee Young-ji, “You can return the necklace to me.” However, Lee Young-ji also had a chance to show the stage. Although he has never held a microphone, he is still a “candidate for elimination,” so he will finally pick the eliminated person after watching the stage. Lee Young-ji overcame the crisis like the main character of a drama and escaped the danger of being eliminated by receiving rave reviews.

However, some viewers complained that the production team might have given Lee Young-ji another chance to save the hot topic. Apart from Lee Young-ji’s skills, the production team’s attitude as if they are setting the first place is not fair.

For “Show Me the Money 11,” which has a poor rating of 1%, Lee Young-ji will be like a welcome rain in a drought. Thanks to the production team’s “Lee Young-ji’s arm,” Lee Young-ji was criticized for her outstanding skills. This is why the arrow of criticism should not be Lee Young-ji, who said she would show her true feelings, but the production team who used his heart to drive the talk of the town.

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