Let me tell you the efficacy of propolis.


It is effective in preventing infection.

For a long time, researchers have been experimenting with how propolis works on many harmful microorganisms, and as a result, it has the effect of strongly suppressing harmful microorganisms. Although there are some differences in ingredients depending on the region created, this protective action is the same as any. And this action comes from the flavonoid component.

It’s used as a natural antibiotic.

The antibiotic resistance problem is getting bigger in the pharmaceutical industry, right? They say they’ve reached the level of antibiotic abuse. Antibiotics users are usually advised to take probiotics to help maintain good bacteria in their intestines. Researchers have found that propolis provides powerful antibiotic ingredients. The insulation acid of propolis effectively deals with many bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus 비아그라효능

It’s good for burns.

A study tested whether propolis could be used instead of ordinary preparation cream used for light burns, and it actually showed efficacy. Researchers say propolis is more effective than the usual medicine for light burns.

It’s good for your ears.

Middle ear infections infect millions of children every year, and not only children but even adults suffer from middle ear infections. In severe cases, middle ear infection can lead to temporary hearing loss that most people fear. The propolis mixture, penethyl ester, has been found to be effective in treating these ear diseases.

Increases immunity.

Candida albicans, a fungus made from yeast growth, usually affects reproductive organs and oral areas. While researchers were constantly working to find a cure for this condition, they tested whether propolis was suitable for this. And the results revealed that propolis can also inhibit Candida’s growth and act as a healthy immune response to Candida infection.

It’s effective for nail infections.

Researchers who have studied whether propolis can be used for fingernail fungal infections say propolis has a broader effect compared to popular treatments. The treatments may not be able to work on mold, but propolis says there is no such problem.

It’s good for female shingles.

Propolis has been found to be more effective than any other cure for female genital herpes. We also found that it has an effect of preventing the progression of herpes zoster infection. Moreover, as mentioned above (No.5), propolis also suppresses the infection of the genital Candida bacteria.

It’s good for dental treatment.

Over the past few decades, there has been a lot of research on the relationship between oral health and overall physical health. There is no doubt that proper dental treatment is one of the most important parts of enjoying a lively life. However, as distrust of fluoride grows, many people are interested in natural dental treatment. Studies have also shown that propolis is effective in improving oral health, and that it is excellent as a natural substitute for fluoride.

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