Lim Chang-jung

Lim Chang-jung – Seo White, drinking and going to the bathroom”… What’s the story behind your neck?

Lim Chang-jung

Singer Lim Chang-jung, famous for her love of the entertainment industry, declares this week.

SBS’s “Dongsangimong 2 – You Are My Destiny” (‘You Are My Destiny’), which airs on the 2nd, reveals the story of Lim Chang-jung’s declaration of abstinence.

In the broadcast on this day, Lim Chang-jung declares a farewell to alcohol to his wife, saying he will keep his promise to stop drinking in 2022. His wife, Seo Ha-yan, says, “I heard the same thing a year ago that I would stop drinking,” and is embarrassed without believing in the declaration of temperance. In response, Lim Chang-jung only drank all the alcohol in her alcohol refrigerator and said, “I will really stop drinking from today.” Rumor has it that Lim Chang-jung’s liquor refrigerator, which is like a “alcohol department store,” surprises everyone in the studio.

Along with this, Lim Chang-jung shows abnormal behavior by drinking the last alcohol of her life with the alcohol left in the alcohol refrigerator. It is said that everyone only looked at Seo White’s eyes as he tried to talk with alcohol by naming it. He also makes White look serious by announcing his extraordinary new business plan while drinking. The identity of the new business that has caught Seohayan by the neck will be revealed on the air.

On the other hand, Seo Ha-yan also reveals his injection, saying, “When Lim Chang-jung drinks, she sleeps in the bathroom.” In response, the MCs revealed the injection of special MC Jang Dong-min, saying, “Didn’t Jang Dong-min drink and pee in bed when he was newly married?” and turned the studio upside down. However, Jang Dong-min complains of unfairness that his wife seems to have used a trick. What will be the whole story of Jang Dong-min’s Urine on Bed case, and Lim Chang-jung and Jang Dong-min’s all-time injection revelation can be found on SBS’s You Are My Destiny, which airs at 11:10 p.m. on the same day.

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