Maguire transfer to Aston Villa? “I went golfing.”


Harry Maguire remains at Manchester United. The recent reported move to Aston Villa turned out to be just a rumor.

Maguire has recently been embroiled in rumours of a move to Villa in the winter transfer window. He played well for England at the Qatar World Cup last year, but he is behind the union of Lysandro Martinez and Rafael Varane in his team.

There was a period of injury, but Manchester United appeared in only seven games while playing 19 league games, and even that, he only started four times.

On top of that, rumors of a transfer flared up as he was filmed eating at a restaurant near Vadimoor Heath at the Aston Villa training ground, and as Manchester United introduced a new weekly pay system, Maguire’s claim to leave the team was further strengthened.

Maguire, however, is expected to remain at Manchester United this season.

Maguire will not join Villa despite rumors on social media, the British Daily Mail said. “Manchester United coach Erickton Hach also prefers to stay in Maguire.”

The media said, “Maguire is not on the starting list, but his position in the team is solid. He is not a threatened player in the transfer market,” he added.

“The reason Maguire ate at a restaurant near the villa training ground was because he enjoyed golf at a nearby golf course,” he said adding, “It has nothing to do with the transfer to Villa.”

He also cited the fact that Manchester United has to play many tournaments this season.

The media said, “Maguaire is Manchester United’s third centre-back option. “Manchester United is still participating in four tournaments, and there is a possibility that they will play many games until the end of the season,” he said, explaining that Maguire’s presence is needed. 안전공원

Meanwhile, Maguire played as a second-half substitute in the third round of the 2022/23 FA Cup against Everton on the 7th, helping his team win 3-1.

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