Min Hyorin

Min Hyorin, rumors of a marital feud that was erased with a picture of her son’s first birthday

Min Hyorin

Actress Min Hyorin gave an update.

Min Hyorin posted a picture of her wearing a fine hanbok on the 1st and announced her recent status after a long time after giving birth.

In the released photo, Min Hyorin is posing in a hanok dressed up in hanbok. The elegant figure of Min Hyo-rin’s hanbok is impressive.

Min Hyo-rin seems to have taken a picture wearing hanbok to mark her son’s stone. The photo like a photo shoot with a trademark bersun nose shining drew admiration from not only fans but also acquaintances.

Kim Min-young, who shared the movie Sunny with Min Hyo-rin, said, “Oh my God. It’s so pretty. Congratulations on your first birthday,” said Min Hyo-rin and Taeyang, congratulating their son on their first birthday.

The Taeyang-Min Hyo-rin couple was recently embroiled in rumors of discord as Taeyang deleted all of his photos on SNS. He married in 2018 and gave birth to a son in December last year.

Min Hyo-rin was cast on the street in Daegu when she was a high school senior, passed the JYP Entertainment audition, and spent about a year as a trainee.

She parents allowed me to be a trainee, but they objected that I should not sleep outside, so I had to go to school alone by train and bus for seven months from my home in Daegu to the practice room in Seoul. It is said that he gave up his training life because it was scary and difficult to take an express bus at dawn after practice.

She father runs an optician’s shop in Daegu.

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