Nice to meet you, Barcelona! A bold challenge to “Intercity,” which has been promoted four times in five years.


Will David defeat Goliath? InterCity, which will meet Barcelona in Copa del Rey, Spain, is dreaming of a rebellion in the lower league.

Alicante, a member of Spain’s third division, will play Barcelona in the Copa del Rey round of 32 in the 2022/23 season at Estadio José Rico Perez in Alicante, Spain, on the 5th (Korea Standard Time).

While Barcelona, which represents Spanish football along with Real Madrid, is well known around the world, InterCity is also an unfamiliar team for fans who have watched Spanish football for a long time. This is because InterCity is a new team that celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Intercity was a team that didn’t exist until five years ago. Since its first establishment in 2017, it has achieved a promotion myth for four consecutive years and is currently participating in the Primera Divisi에n, Spain’s third division.

Although he is ranked 16th in the league with five wins, four draws and eight losses this season, he advanced to the round of 32 in Copa del Rey, causing a 2-0 defeat of Mirandes from the second division.

Barcelona is the team we met in the round of 32. The match against Barcelona, where the total amount of the team’s ransom is 797 million euros, can be seen as David against Goliath.

InterCity, which has already achieved its best performance ever by advancing to the round of 32, hopes to beat Goliath and perform better.

It is noteworthy that InterCity is Spain’s first soccer club listed on the stock market. It has grown rapidly since it was listed in 2018 and is called a startup company in Spain.

In the third division, a large investment of $4 million was invested to recruit 13 players, and bonuses are paid to players with stocks traded in the market.

Although movement in the market has slowed recently, the market value has reportedly risen 46% as a showdown with Barcelona took place.

Spain’s El Mundo said, “It is impossible to have a dedicated stadium, a sports city, and infrastructure in the best conditions because it has grown very fast in sports,” but added, “The TV broadcasting rights revenue from the match against Barcelona will help in capital competition with teams such as league competitors Erculez, Elche, and Real Murcia.” 안전공원

Attention is focusing on whether David will be able to smile in the match against Goliath.

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