NMIXX releases MV teaser for their new song “Love Me Like This”…a unique charm


NMIXX (Nmix) has released a music video teaser for its new song “Love Me Like This.”

JYP Entertainment’s new girl group NMIXX will release their first mini-album “expérgo” and title song “Love Me Like This” on the 20th and make a comeback.

Prior to this, at midnight on the 18th, the teaser for the new music video was released on the official SNS channel.

In the video, the sound of “Love Me Like This,” which appears from the intro, stimulated the excitement, and Lily, Hae-won, Seol-yoon, BAE, Jiwoo, and Gyu-jin caught the eye by emitting their unique charm against the backdrop of a garden full of flowers.

While Gyu-jin holding a mysterious glass bottle in a dark room stimulated curiosity, the six members showed off their presence with powerful group dance in a white space and made hearts with their hands to end the show, raising expectations for a complete music video where they can meet NMIXX new story and performance.

The title song “Love Me Like This” is a mix of street vibe bounce rap and R&B style vocal lines, arranged by the world-renowned producing team London Noise. Addictive melodies and beats lingered in the ears, and the true connection and change of people who fell in love with each other were included in the lyrics.

They recently delighted global fans by announcing the news of their first solo showcase tour “NICE TO MIXX YOU.”

A total of 13 performances will be held in five Asian regions, including Seattle on May 2nd (local time), San Jose on the 4th, Los Angeles on the 5th, Dallas on the 8th, Houston on the 9th, Atlanta on the 12th, Washington D.C. on the 14th, and Brooklyn on the 16th, followed by Bangkok, Thailand on June 4, Jakarta, Indonesia, Taiwan on the 18th, Singapore on the 23rd, and Manila on the 30th. 사설토토

Meanwhile, NMIXX will officially release its first mini-album “expérgo” and title track “Love Me Like This” at 6 p.m. on March 20.

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