No negotiations with the Tanaka Yankees, likely to return to Rakuten, a U.S. local report said.


There are also local reports that Tanaka will return to his home team, the Rakuten Golden Eagles 메이저사이트추천

Sports Net New York (electronic edition) reported on the 15th (Korea time) about Masahiro Tanaka, 32, who became an FA with the New York Yankees, “There are rumors in the U.S. baseball community that he will return to Japan this year.”

SportsNet New York City says, “This is”I didn’t hear that Nakawa and the Yankees are negotiating for a new contract.”

San Diego is also conducting a survey on Tanaka. On the previous day’s report, Tanaka tweeted, “At this stage, we don’t limit the teams we want to play next season. “I am thinking of all the clubs that are interested in me,” he said, explaining that he did not deny his return to Japan.

SportsNet New York said on this basis, “The Yankees seem to be watching the situation in Le Mayhu, which is now an FA. The possibility of Tanaka returning to Japan seems to be growing day by day.

Higashi Sports, a Japanese media outlet, said, “Considering the current situation in the Major League transfer market, we can keep in mind that he will postpone his entry into the Major League by one year and play for Tanakado Rakuten just as he stayed in Yomiuri.”

Two weeks are left before the NPB camp starts, and five weeks until the Major League Baseball camp starts. There isn’t much time left. The decision is drawing keen attention.

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