NOP unclear accompanied by transfer window Zion a series of rejection


New Orleans is in trouble.

The New Orleans Pelicans, who were appointed coach Stan Van Gundy last season, had a disappointing season. After finishing 11th in the Western Conference, they failed to make it to the top 10 play-in tournament.

Defensive Rating has fallen to 22nd (113.8), and has not improved its defense capability, and has remained mostly in the lower half of the three-point-related indicators. It was also painful that the team repeated a ridiculous reversal defeat throughout the season due to a lack of backstabbing.

The New Orleans front desk, which pulled out a knife, replaced Van Gundy at the end of the season. However, they were rejected one after another by the FAs, who had hoped to recruit them, and had an unsatisfactory transfer window. Let’s look around the summer transfer window in New Orleans.

-New Orleans Pelicans Major Changes in the Summer 2021 Transfer Market

In: Jonas Valenschnas, Thomas Satoranski, Dvonte Graham, Garrett Temple + Tray Murphy (No. 17 in draft)

Out: Ronzo Ball, Steven Adams, Eric Bletso, James Johnson, Wesley Lee Won-du.

New Orleans’ off-season start was good. By tying up malicious contractors Steven Adams and Eric Bletso, who have become troublesome, he succeeded in trading the Lakers’ right to nominate in the first round of 2022 and the right to swap nominations in 2021. Jonas Valensunas is the player that New Orleans has been receiving as an opposing salary.

Valensunas led Memphis to the playoffs with an average of 17.1 points and 12.5 rebounds last season. Valensunas, who has superior shooting power and board control compared to Adams, is expected to be a big help under the New Orleans goal.

New Orleans then focused on making room for celery caps to get quality ball handlers such as Chris Paul and Kyle Laurie. Therefore, breaking up with Lonzo Ball, who was released as a limited free agent (RFA), was an inevitable choice.

Sadly, however, New Orleans failed to catch both Paul and Laurie, who desperately wanted to sign them close to all-in. They rejected New Orleans’ offer of large sums and chose to stay in Phoenix and move to Miami, respectively.

New Orleans, which failed both Plan A and B, recruited DeVonte Graham for four years and $47 million, filling the thinned backcoat. Graham, who has explosive power, posted an average of 16.6 points in the past two seasons, but was less efficient, with a field pitch rate of only 38.0%.

Ball’s sign and trade opponents were Thomas Satoranski and Garrett Temple. Satoranski is a stable point guard who can play his role well as a backup, and Temple is an experienced and defensive wing resource.

It wasn’t bad to put out the rush with Graham and Satoranski, but it was never a satisfactory result. As the ball went out, the weight of the backcoat jeans was less than last season.

Furthermore, Ball was a close player with Zion, the current center of New Orleans. “I hope Ronzo Ball stays,” Zion said in an interview before the transfer window opens.

Josh Hart, who has long remained in the transfer window, has renewed his contract for three years and $38 million. Hart’s contract is guaranteed only for the first year, which can be evaluated as beneficial for both the club and the players. Hart, who is a guard but has excellent rebound capabilities, averaged 9.2 points and 8.0 rebounds last season.

In the draft, forward resource Trey Murphy, who has accurate shooting skills, was nominated. Murphy appealed his potential in the Summer League, averaging 16.3 points, 7.0 rebounds, 3 points, and 44.0 percent.

Currently, New Orleans is a real power that cannot be guaranteed to advance to the playoffs. Willy Green, who was newly appointed as a coach, is said to have excellent ability to build defensive tactics, but he has no experience as a coach. There is still a question mark when it comes to directing a team throughout the season.

New Orleans will once again be able to afford celery caps as Satoranski, Valenschnas and Hart are released next summer. But New Orleans is not an attractive destination for big FAs, presumably due to the failure to recruit Paul and Laurie.

Then New Orleans may not be as long as they think it will be with Zion. Zion is now a young player entering his third year, but rumors are circulating that he could leave New Orleans constantly. If New Orleans repeats its place, Zion may really want to break up.

New Orleans has already sent Chris Paul and Anthony Davis, their own nominated superstars, to trade. If even Zion leaves the team, the painful history will be repeated again 안전놀이터

New Orleans is a place where the future of the club may fluctuate greatly due to its performance this season and the movement of the front desk. Will New Orleans and Zion be together for a long time?

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