Park Bom

Park Bom, certificate of loss of 11kg in visual appearance of the returned doll

Park Bom

Singer Park Bom has released a proof shot, saying she lost 11kg.

Park Bom posted a photo of herself on her Instagram on the 4th.

In the picture, Park Bom stands out with a small face and a fatless upper body. Park Bom, who seems to have regained her figure in the heyday of 2NE1, draws attention.

Park Bom released her photos, saying, “I’m losing,” “I’m losing 11kg,” and “I’m preparing for a comeback.”

Earlier on the 4th, Park Bom made headlines by announcing that she had successfully lost weight with the help of a company. According to the company, Park Bom succeeded in losing 70kg to 59kg.

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