PHI Simmons and Embid, who have ruined 10 turnovers in total.


Simmons and Embid had the worst night.

The Philadelphia 76ers lost 109-122 against the Brooklyn Nets in the 2020-2021 NBA regular season at the Brooklyn Barclays Center on the 8th (Korean time) 파워볼사이트

It was a game that Philadelphia could have caught enough. At the beginning of the season, he was so strong that he had seven wins and one loss, and his opponent, Kevin Durant and Kai Lee Irving, were absent.

However, from the beginning of the game, the Philadelphia players were dragged away, consistently playing with ease. In particular, one-two-punch Joel Embid and Ben Simmons, who are supposed to lead the team, made 10 turnovers, five each.

Rather, Philadelphia had a good performance without Simmons and Embead.

Philadelphia lost the main battle but took the lead early in the second quarter with performances from the bench, including Tyreese Maxi and Dwight Howard. Since then, as the main players played a poor game again, they have caught up to an eight-point difference after giving a desperate prescription to put in members of Gavage Time in the third quarter. But that’s it.

MBID, who played in the back-to-back game for the first time in a long time, scored 38 points the day before, but it was sluggish on the day, struggling with opponent Jareth Allen and others. In particular, he lost his last chance to pursue the team due to a ridiculous pass mistake in the middle of the fourth quarter when the team was on the rise. He scored 20 points, but the game was practically tilted and accumulated.

Simmons was worse. Simmons, who showed poor rim-attack skills throughout the game, tried 13 fielders and managed only four. To be honest, Simmons, who can’t even put in a field near the goal, was better off not being on the court.

Simmons played the worst game on the day, committing more than twice as many turnovers as he did with two assists. As a field commander, he should have coordinated when the team was shaken, but he was more swayed.

Manager Doc Rivers has combined Embid and Simmons tactically well this season, creating good synergy. However, when Seth Curry, who had solved the problem of spacing, was absent, the combination returned to the past.

Philadelphia, which had been in high spirits with five consecutive wins by Fajuk, lost the day. Since then, starting with Denver Nuggets, the schedule with formidable teams will begin, so it will be important to clean up the atmosphere to prevent losing consecutive games.

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