Re-examination of the reason why Chaeyoung had an 8-year hiatus after marriage


Internet users are increasingly interested in the recent status of Chae Young-in, an actress from the group Red Sox.

Chae made her debut through the 2000 Super Model Contest. He then worked as a member of the group Red Sox and released a solo album after the group was disbanded.

Chae Young-in, who expanded her career as an actress, made a strong impression as Min So-hee in the 2008 drama “Temptation of Wife.” In addition, he appeared in the dramas “Pick the Star” and “Self-illuminating Girl” and accumulated filmography.

Chae Young-in married a dermatologist five years older in 2012 and stopped acting at the same time.

Chae Young-in, who returned to the broadcast in 2019 through MBN’s “Voice Trot” and advanced to the third round in 2020, and appeared as a representative of the Jeolla region in MBC’s “Trot People.”

In particular, Chae Young-in mentioned her meeting with her husband in the “Sokpuri Show Dongchimi.” “I met my husband when I wanted to leave the entertainment industry while I was active without knowing that I had depression or obsessive compulsion,” she said. “If you don’t want to work, don’t do anything,” she said.

In addition, Chae Young-in appeared on an entertainment program last year and said she had an eight-year hiatus due to marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. Chae Young-in said, “After marriage, I gave birth to my daughter and devoted myself to childcare and living, so I had no plans to return to broadcasting. But when her daughter’s birthday approached, Song Ji-hyo was broadcasting about an old friend. In fact, I wasn’t confident in appearing on the show because I was only at home after giving birth to a baby, but I thought I had to go out because of my family’s torch,” he said, confessing that his return was influenced by his best friend Song Ji-hyo.

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