Remaining dark cloud Tanaka’s salary is at least $15 million. Hope SD and no progress.


Masahiro Tanaka, 33, is becoming less likely to stay in the Major League.

“Danaka wants a contract of $15 million to $20 million a year,” the U.S.-based SNY quoted a source as saying on January 18 (hereinafter referred to as Korean time). I’ve previously reported that I’m unlikely to be reunited with the New York Yankees, but now it’s even more difficult 토토사이트

The breakup of the Yankees and Tanaka is a foregone conclusion. The Yankees signed a six-year, $90 million contract with Le Mayhu on the 16th, and a one-year, $11 million contract with Clover. In particular, veteran starter Clover joined the rotation to fill Tanaka’s absence. The cause to spend a lot of money to renew his contract with Tanaka has completely disappeared.

Moreover, the media said, “San Diego Padres contacted Tanaka, but there was no progress in the negotiations. The news of being connected to the New York Mets was pure gossip. There is still a chance that Tanaka will return to Japan.

Tanaka left open the possibility of returning to Japan. Without a singing team, Tanaka naturally has no choice but to turn to Japan. When asked about his return, he said, “Not 0 percent. After all, we cannot remain in the Major League without a proposal.

If Tanaka wants money, returning to Japan is more realistic. Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported on the 17th that the Rakuten Golden Eagles have begun to recruit Tanaka in earnest. Furthermore, it was reported that Rakuten had raised a huge amount of money to return to Tanaka. Japan’s Tokyo Sports reported in October last year that Rakuten prepared 2.5 billion yen (about 26.6 billion won) in annual salary to recruit Tanaka. The amount is not only far above Tanaka’s desired amount, but also higher than the salary he received last year ($23 million).

The key point of Tanaka’s destination is the ‘conditions’ that are considered the top priority. If he still hopes to challenge himself, he could seek to stay in the Major League by lowering his salary. What kind of decision will Tanaka make? Let’s take a look at his movements.

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