Remaining in Texas, Yang Hyun-jong is out of the first crisis Competitor to Triple-A


Yang Hyun-jong of the Texas Rangers overcame the first crisis.

Texas had roaster changes on the 31st (Korea time). A.J. Alexi, who was expected to be a starting pitcher against the Colorado Rockies, was called up in the Triple A round lock and included in the roster. Right-hander Joe Barlow has also returned from the injured list on Tuesday.

Instead, infielder Andy Ivanizez was listed as injured on Tuesday due to a left hamstring injury. It was applied retroactively to August 30. Left-hander Jake Ratz, who was called up as a substitute for Corona 19, went down to Triple-A roundlock.

If Alexi is included in the roster on the 31st, Yang Hyun-jong was mentioned as a candidate to leave the roster instead. However, Yang Hyun-jong, who joined the bullpen, remained, and the Rats, who made a temporary start, returned to Triple-A first 파워볼사이트

Yang Hyun-jong pitched relief against Houston on the 29th, recording three hits, one walk and one strikeout in two innings. It was a return game to the Major League in 78 days. In the seventh inning, he overcame the crisis of two outs and one out and one second base run in the eighth inning with a double hit.

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