Ronaldo can’t even sit on the bench. How did he plan this?


There is the best 11 Cristiano Ronaldo can’t even sit on the bench?

Britain’s “The Sun” unveiled the best 11 trophies selected for major championships on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time). It is to set up a player with the highest number of wins in each position. Up to four candidates were also selected, with a total of 15 on the list. However, Ronaldo, who has won as many as 28 championships, including the Champions League, the Premier League, and the Primera Liga, did not have a spot.

The Sun wrote a 4-3-3 formation.

The goalkeeper was Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon (retired) with 22 trophies.

Tiago Silva, who plays for Chelsea through AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, and Italian legend Paulo Maldini were selected as center backs. Silva and Maldini had 25 titles side by side.

Left and right wingbacks were Philip Lam and Gary Neville. Ram shared Bayern Munich’s heyday and won 21 trophies. Neville is a legendary fullback who shared the golden age of Manchester United. It has 20 winning medals.

The midfield is led by Andre Iniesta, Marco Verati and Paul Scholes. Iniesta has won 32 times in Barcelona. Scholes is a legendary midfielder who spent an era of glory with Neville. I won 26 times. Verati is now only 29 years old, but he swept the French league and collected 26 titles.

The last three tops were Lionel Messi, Ryan Giggs, and Thomas Mueller.

Messi led Barcelona, the best team of the time, with Iniesta. At the same time as the 35 championship cups, he harvested seven Ballon d ‘Or. Giggs is a legendary member of Scholes, Neville and Manchester United. He has won a total of 34 times, including 13 Premier League titles. Mueller has been active as a striker for Bayern Munich for more than a decade. I won 29 times.

Goalkeeper Oliver Khan, defender Marquinoz, Sergio Busquets, and midfielder Del Piero sat on the bench, so Ronaldo’s seat was not available.

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