Singer Lisa’s husband forgives for infidelity wedding


Top Japanese singer Lisa (LiSA) married her husband, who had an affair, in strict secrecy.

According to a weekly Japanese woman’s report on the 25th, singer Lisa, who sang animation theme songs such as “The Blade of Destruction,” and popular voice actor Tatsuo Suzuki held a small ceremony at a restaurant with a family of both families attending. The wedding was announced in January 2020, but the wedding was not held due to the spread of COVID-19.

The wedding of the two became a hot topic because of the incident in which Tatsuo Suzuki’s affair was discovered. When the Japanese weekly magazine revealed Tatsuo Suzuki’s affair in July 2021, he tried to make an extreme choice. Lisa was shocked by this and stopped her activities such as canceling the concert It resumed its activities in August after a month.

The couple overcame Suzuki Chattao’s affair and signed a 100-year-old marriage, drawing attention. Lisa’s acquaintance tipped off to local media, saying, “I think Lisa has decided to forgive the affair at the sight of Tatsuo Suzuki, who is hated by the public.”

Lisa’s agency told Japanese media about the wedding report, “I can’t answer anything personal.”

Lisa, a Japanese anime singer, sang animation insert songs such as “Sword Art Online,” “Fare/Zero,” “The Blade of Destruction” and “Nisekoi.”

In particular, Lisa, who gained huge popularity as a theme song for “The Blade of Destruction,” which aired in 2019, appeared in NHK’s “Red and White Song Festival” that year and won the 62nd Japan Record Grand Prize in 2020. On January 22, 2020, he announced his marriage to Tatsuhisa Suzuki

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